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64, Petrovskaya street, Taganrog, Rostov region

Hotel "Centralnaya"
(historically – Hotel «Bristol»)

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We will organize any excursion for you with great pleasure (around Rostov Region). Individual and group excursions are possible.

Review bus excursion around Taganrog:

Taganrog is the pearl of the Azov Sea

Taganrog is the city, which was founded by Peter the Great. It will not become the capital of Russia only by chance. Taganrog was the biggest seaport. This city had reputation of the biggest industrial and cultural centre of Russia.

Taganrog’s sights:

• Objects relative to name of Chekov: Chekov’s family house, the place where the famous russian writer was born; Chekovs’ shop, where his father was a trader and where his family lived when Anton Chekov was a schoolboy; Chekov’s gymnasium, where Anton studied (Museum of literature nowadays), the monument to Chekov.

• Chekov’s Theatre. The oldest one in the South of Russia. The following famous people acted on its stage: Belatti, Tomado Salvini, Savina M., Strepetova P., Davidov V., Lenski A. and many others. Even being a schoolboy, young Anton Chekov came here as a spectator. From the end of XIX th century Chekov’s plays were obligatory in repertory of the theatre.

• Regional museum (Alferaki Palace). Here you will see scientific materials, archeological collections -skifian and polovets masonry statues; welfare items, period furniture; treasures of art, decorative art items of XVIII-XX century and etc.

• Museum of Art in Taganrog. In its funds there are more than 6000 exhibits of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, decorative art. The most valuable part of these exhibits are pictures of famous russian artists of XVIII—XX centuries. High-class canvases of old russian masters, such as Antropov, Rokotov, Semiradski, Aivazovski, Tropinin, Shishkin, Savrasov, Repin, Surikov, Verechagin, Makovski and many other famous artists give us a chance to imagine native art at different stages of its development.

• The monument to Peter the 1 st and observation platform of Taganrog bay;

• Stony stairway (Kamennaya lestnica), leading to Pushkinskaya embankment

• The House of Alexander the I st

• Chaikovski’s house

• House and museum of writer Vasilenko I. D.

• House and museum of artist and trainer of circus Durov A. A.

• Monuments to Pushkin A. S., Ranevskaya F. G.

Excursion to Starocherkassk


Starocherkassk is the ancient capital of Don Cossacks.

It is a birthplace of Don army, historical and architectural reserve museum, which reflects way of country life of epoch of ХIХ century, Hetman’s Palace, Voskresenski Cathedral (XIII century) and belltower, from which a beautiful view to Don and domes of Novocherkassk’s Cathedral are opened.

Fascinating excursions across river Don are waiting for you.

Excursion to Novocherkassk

Novocherkassk is the capital of Don Cossacks. It was founded on the 18 th of May in 1805 by hetman, Matvei Platov. Not by chance, Novocherkassk is called town-museum. This historical centre completely preserves the architecture of the 19 th century. Variety of momuments, museums make Novocherkassk very attractive for the towns and tourists.

Novocherkassk sights:

• At entrance to the town, from west and and north-east, you may see two huge Triumphal Archways, made from stone and bricks.

• Museum of Don Cossacks History, which contains relics of Don Cossacks related to the best traditions of cossacks. Its rich collection can not be compared and counts 115 thousands exhibits.

• Hetman’s Palace

• Vosnesenski Cathedral is the main cathedral of cossacks. It was founded in the day of foundation of Novocherkassk, on the 18(30) th of May in 1805 and was built for about 100 years. Vosnesenski Cathedral (after Christ’s Cathedral in Moscow and Isakievski Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg) is the 3 rd eastern Cathedral in Russia (its height is 74.6 m). It is called «second sun of Don».

• Monuments to Platov M. I., Suvorov A. V., Baklanov Ya. P. and others.


Excursion to Azov

Azov is the ancient town of Don.

First colonies on Azov earth appeared more than two thousands years ago. History of town has a lot of bright moments.

One of them is famous Azov leaguer, when in 1641 reinforced cossacks’ fortress with 5000 cossacks withstood the onslaught of 250-thousands turkish army, which last for 93 days.

At the time of excursion to Azov (on boat of motor ship), you will know the history of turkish fortress, visit the places connected to the name of Peter the 1 st.

Excursions to Azov are the best decision of summer holidays. This excursion includes the following: transfer from Rostov by bus (economy class), transfer by motor ship across Don to Azov, disco (when coming back). Your holiday on river Don will be bright and fascinating.

Excursion to Tanais

Review excursion around Rostov

Excursions in Rostov (across Don ) on comfortable pleasure motor boats are available. Excursions on yachts across Taganrog bay

Our staff offers you an unforgettable walk across Don using pleasure motor boat or sailing yacht! You can choose the route of your walk!

You can go up or down the river, see the beauty of Don nature.

Enjoy the charm of starlit sky above Taganrog bay or Azov Sea!

Make a surprise for your girlfriend – make an evening on yacht at candlelight!

Everything depends on you and your fantasy!


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