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64, Petrovskaya street, Taganrog, Rostov region

Hotel "Centralnaya"
(historically – Hotel «Bristol»)

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You may reserve a room in our hotel if you fill in a special form. Before you fill in the form, we recommend you see section "Prices".

Having recieved your request, our staff will contact you to specify some details. Then, you will recieve a confirmation of your reservation.

In case you reserve a room in our hotel for the first time, please, read a piece of advice and notes at the bottom of this page.

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By pressing the button, I consent to the processing of my personal data, in accordance with No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" of 27.07.2006, on the terms and for the purposes specified in the Consent to the processing of personal data. It is not a public offer.

A piece of advice and notes

  • The form is processed manually, so there is no sense to think, for example, how to enter the date of arrival or departure, figures or words.
  • You may indicate concrete room in graph " Room or type of the room". For example, "9", or " luxe", "semi-luxe", "standard"), or the required price. You may also indicate the most preferable rooms. In case some of them are reserved, our staff will suggest you the room which is not reserved.
  • Even if all indicated rooms are reserved, our employees will contact you and help you to choose the most suitable variant of location in our hotel.
  • Indicate correct pnone number to contact you: We will contact you during working hours ( Moscow time) almost immediately. In case you fill in the form at night time in Taganrog , or you want to speak to us (by phone) in definite time, it is necessary to indicate this information in graph “message”.
  • Indicate correct e-mail in order our staff could contact you using graph E-mail. In spite of the fact that telephone is the main mode of communication, it will not harm to indicate your e-mail.
  • In case noone phoned you during some hours (it is possible only if your number is blocked), please, contact us using the following phone number in Taganrog : +7(8634)383022.



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