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64, Petrovskaya street, Taganrog, Rostov region

Hotel "Centralnaya"
(historically – Hotel «Bristol»)

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History of Hotel "Bristol" (History and modernity in one)

For sure, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the city starts from the hotel as the theatre starts from hanger. Hotel is the real face of the city, especially such hotel as «Bristol», located on the main street of the city (Petrovskaya), in historical centre, in the ancient residence, attracting its attention by exquisite architecture.

«Bristol» – is the hotel where history and modernity, meditative romanticism and rhythm of the 21st century intertwisted naturally.

taganrog antient

History of the building, comprising the hotel, counts more than 100 years. On the 5th of May in 1867 (according to project “for building of a bricken house for merchant of 1st guild, Pavel Fillipovich Perushkin, in section 138 with № 26” ), two-storied mansion (in style of russian classicism) was built on the angle of Petrovskaya street and Depaldovski side street (now Turgenevski side street), then, known as hotel «Bristol» with rooms of Bagdasarovi brothers.

Сonstruction, built by Perushkin, firstly contained grocery store, food store and pastry store. When Perushkin died, the building was resold for some times and at the beginning of 20 th century it was bought by Armenian businessmen, by Bagdasarovi brothers. From that moment the hotel was opened officially. The hotel, opened in 1903 was the biggest and the most luxurious in town. There was more than 30 furnished rooms, equipped with (as it was said in advertisement of that time), «all pleasures». At that time it was the following: bathes, shower, phone, servants, commissioner, interpreter, recording board. There was a restaurant in the hotel.

In 1916 (to the left from the entrance of the hotel, on the 1 st floor) pastry shop «Astron» was opened. It was a place where you could buy sweets and order Rostov kuliches, Easter cakes and cakes. There was always a big choice of sweets, chocolate, marmalade, paste and fruits.

taganrog antient

The Hotel relates to creation of Communist party of the Ukraine. It was Taganrog where Ukraine government moved to in 1918. Political conference of the Ukraine’s Bolshevists, where it was deceided to create this party, took place in the hotel some days before german soldiers appeared in the city. When Germans left Taganrog, 2nd floor of the hotel became the place of location of main department of general Denikin army.

All these years building was reconstructed. Doorways were built up and replaced with windows when Bagdasarovi lived. Left door became front door. A beautiful awning, hold by two metal racks, was located above. Next to entrance on the ground there is a stone with marking: «The house of Bagdasarovi brothers ». It ought to be noted that all the markings were written in russian and pointed to owner, whose name was valueble, and it was a trademark for him.

Since that more than one hundred years passed, but history and tradition of hospitality are still ruling in this mansion. In 2005 building was restored. It completed and underlined cultural and historical value of the hotel «Bristol».

Interiors of the building are beautfil samples of decorative and commercial art.

Splendor of interior decoration, gilding of custom moldings, crystal lusters, pictures completely reproduce the atmosphere of ancient noble mansion. Distinctive feature of the hotel is that there are no identical rooms in it. The hotel is provided with 21 room, and interior of 7 of them is performed in style of different epoches. Sketches of original interiors of times of Bonapart, Peter the 1st , and eastern motives and classic style of 19 th century, were put in basis of artistic decoration. All rooms of the hotel, both classic and historical, comply with the latest achievements and world standards.



  Meetting rooms of the hotel may be called the real embodiment of achievements of technical progress. It was built in 2007. It perfectly suits for different activities: from business meetings and conferences to weddings. Meeting room comprises 50 persons.

No matter what purpose of stay you have, you may stay here for pleasure, it may be negotiations with business partners or celebration of important event in your life, you will always find hearty meeting, high quality of service and homelike atmosphere.


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